Gilded Glam: A Guide to Gold Leafing Furniture!


Picture this: Your plain, ordinary furniture suddenly transformed into a masterpiece, shimmering in gold! Gold leafing is not just a craft; it’s a process that turns the mundane into the extraordinary. Let’s dive into the glamorous world of gold leafing and uncover the steps to turn your furniture into a statement piece.


Step 1: Your Canvas – The Furniture


Every artistic journey begins with a blank canvas, and in this case, it’s your chosen furniture piece. From chairs to tables, anything can be a candidate for the golden touch. Grab that worn-out dresser or plain coffee table (or in my case this beautifully detailed hand carved table) and get ready to turn it into a gilded treasure.


Step 2: Getting Ready (AKA prepping) – A Royal Spa Day for Your Furniture


Before the gold leaf magic, treat your furniture like royalty. Fix any issues, give it a good scrub, and a fresh coat of paint. This step is crucial because a clean slate ensures our gold glue and paint sticks perfectly. Think of it as a spa day for your furniture before its golden makeover! This is perhaps the MOST IMPORTANT step when painting furniture!


Step 3: Adhesive Alchemy – Sticky Business


Now, let’s get sticky! Apply a thin layer of gilding glue where you want the gold leaf to go. It’s like spreading magic glue that will make your furniture shine like a beacon of opulence. Remember, a little goes a long way! When applying this glue, you want to make sure to let the glue dry out and get tacky before applying. Do not make the normal mistake of applying the gold leaf as soon as you apply the glue!


Step 4: The Grand Unveiling – Applying the Gold Leaf


Time for the star of the show – the gold leaf itself! Gently place the delicate sheets onto the adhesive, letting them drape over your furniture like a luxurious golden cloak. Don’t worry about imperfections; a bit of irregularity adds character. This will only stick where you applied the glue so be careful when in the gluing process to only apply it wherever you want gold leaf! Any imitation gold leaf works but I prefer mine as they are thicker than most brands, you can get it HERE!


Step 5: Brushing Up (and cleaning up!) – Patience, Young Artisan


Once the gold leaf is in place, use a soft brush to gently pat it down. The excess will flake away, leaving behind a gleaming masterpiece. This step requires a delicate touch and a bit of patience – treat it like giving your furniture a golden massage!


Step 6: Seal the Deal – The Finishing Touch


To guarantee your masterpiece lasts through the ages, seal it with a clear wax. This not only shields the gold leaf but also boosts its shine. It’s akin to giving your furniture a last. For an extra touch, consider applying black wax to achieve a charming, aged effect on your piece.


And there you have it – a once-humble piece of furniture transformed into a gilded masterpiece fit for royalty! Gold leafing is not just a DIY project; it’s a magical journey that turns your home into a palace of opulence. So, grab your supplies, channel your inner alchemist, and let the golden adventure begin! Your furniture will thank you for the royal makeover.


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