In 2016, Katarina “Kacha” embarked on a journey of healing by channeling her creativity into painting furniture, a therapeutic response to the profound loss of her mother. What began as a personal outlet soon evolved into a full-fledged passion, transforming Kacha’s love for painting into a thriving business.

In 2019, her husband Carlos joined her, marking the transition of their traditional furniture reselling venture into the dynamic realm of content creation. Together, they breathed new life into their business, captivating audiences worldwide with the artistry of furniture transformation. This evolution has been nothing short of extraordinary.

Fast forward to today, and the team Kacha stand proudly as one of the foremost content creators in the furniture art community. Growing an impressive following of over 1 million on Facebook and a cumulative audience of more than 3 million across various platforms, their impact is undeniable. They have become influential educators, sharing invaluable tips and techniques for creating stunning furniture art with a global audience.

Their commitment to innovation doesn’t stop there. In a testament to their growth, they have recently expanded their business horizon by establishing both a brick-and-mortar store and an online presence. This addition allows them to not only showcase their artistic creations but also offer a curated selection of unique pieces to enthusiasts around the world.

As Kacha continues to create, inspire, and connect with their ever-expanding community, the story of their journey remains an inspiring narrative of turning passion into a flourishing enterprise.

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