Old Silver Metallique Wax


Beautiful, metallic beeswax-based paste, which will turn your artwork into a real treasure, adding amazing, rich, metal-like finish to most popular surfaces and elements. Great for applying with fingers, sponges, or a soft cloth. Perfect for adding color and finishing touches to any mixed-media or home decor projects. Metallique Wax will provide a permanent finish cover, giving you great, color-saturated and shiny results on dark and light backgrounds. Separation can occur and is natural! As with many products made with oils, some separation may occur for a variety of reasons – this is not a defect. Simply mix the wax with a brush, or palette knife, to re-combine the ingredients. Once combined your wax is ready for use once again. Permanent. Water-resistant

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Old Silver Metallique Wax

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Elevate your artwork to new heights with our Metallique Wax, a luxurious beeswax-based paste that promises to transform your creations into treasures. Infused with metallic pigments, this exquisite wax imparts a stunning metal-like finish to a variety of surfaces and elements, adding richness and depth to your projects. Whether you prefer applying it with fingers, sponges, or a soft cloth, the possibilities are endless. Perfect for enhancing mixed-media or home decor projects, Metallique Wax offers vibrant color and impeccable finishing touches. Its permanent, water-resistant formula ensures long-lasting results, providing a durable cover that shines brilliantly on both dark and light backgrounds. Please note that separation may occur naturally due to the presence of oils, but simply mix the wax with a brush or palette knife to recombine the ingredients. Once combined, your wax is ready to use again, delivering consistently stunning results every time.

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