Decor Moulds Salon De La Paix


Introducing “The Grand Chateau Collection” with multiple products, all created to work together effortlessly! The “Salon De La Paix” Décor Mould® will add sophistication and style to your castings, with multiple designs on the 5”x8” mould featuring frames, bows, and lovely intricate details! Redesign’s Décor Moulds®are durable, oven-safe, food-safe, and of the highest quality, allowing a variety of materials, including resin, hot glue, modeling material, and more, to help you create unique castings that are perfect for a variety of DIY projects.

Whether you are an experienced crafter or just starting out, the “Salon De La Paix” Décor Mould® (5”x8”) is a must-have for your crafting supplies. Order yours today and start creating beautiful, unique castings that will add charm and character to any project.

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Welcome to “The Grand Chateau Collection”, an exquisite ensemble of products thoughtfully curated to harmonize effortlessly! Among these treasures is the illustrious “Salon De La Paix” Décor Mould®, meticulously designed to infuse sophistication and style into your castings. This 5”x8” mould showcases multiple designs, including frames, bows, and intricate details, elevating your creations with its charm. Redesign’s Décor Moulds® stand out for their durability, oven-safety, and food-safety, ensuring versatility with materials like resin, hot glue, and modeling material for crafting unique castings ideal for various DIY projects. Whether you’re an experienced crafter or embarking on a new journey, the “Salon De La Paix” Décor Mould® (5”x8”) is an essential addition to your crafting arsenal. Order yours today and embark on crafting beautifully detailed castings that exude charm and character, enriching any project.

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 5 × .3 in


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