Painting furniture has completely changed my life. I have put together a simple guide breaking down all of the basic and essential techniques you will need to do this on your own. It’s literally a FREE workshop on furniture painting! Dixie Belle paint company sponsored this workshop. I will leave a link to their shop if you’d like to purchase their products and follow along with the workshop! I have also linked every products used in each workshop in the video description on YouTube! Have fun painting!


The basic concept of painting furniture is simple. The beauty of Chalk style paints is that anyone can do it. All you need is a color you love, a brush and some wax! Here I talk you through them and show you how easy it really is to get started painting furniture. Watch them as needed or click below to watch the entire workshop!

Essential Techniques


Learn how to distress furniture. A very simple yet essential technique for achieving certain looks!


Creating texture is a really easy way to add tons of character to your furniture. Dry Brushing is my favorite technique of them all. It’s an essential technique to master for your furniture art!


Paint washing and layering is another essential technique that’s great for adding character and dimension to your pieces!

Welcome to my beginners guide to furniture painting

If you are looking to start painting furniture you have come to the right place! I have been painting furniture full-time for 6 years now and have gathered lots of information and used just about every product out there. I made a video workshop covering most of the essential techniques your going to need to paint furniture. 


We start off with step one, cleaning. Cleaning your pieces is essential. Dixie Belle makes WHITE LIGHTNING cleaner which I love to use. A good cleaning is all we need with this style of paint. That’s right, no stripping or priming! Make sure NOT to skip this very important step. 

Step two is the fun part, just paint! Dip your brush into your paint and start painting! You can paint in straight lines for a smoother look or in any which direction for a more textured look.

The final step is to protect your work. You’ll need a bit of clear wax for that authentic Chalk style look. If your after durability, Dixie Belle’s Gator Hide is probably for you. Either way you’ll want to protect all the work you’ve done and that’s it, you’re done!

Topcoats and Prep


Wax is the standard Chalk Style paint finish. I love it because it gives me a matte finish. You can go over it a day later and buff it more for a bit more shine. Learning to apply wax is a basic technique everyone should learn!


Dixie Belle also provides heavier topcoats for a more durable finish. I love these because they allow me to have the protection of a polyurethane without the plastic looking shine!


The most important step in any furniture painting project, prep work. This is a must-do! Make sure to watch this video to get every project started off correctly! 

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