Swedish Posy Mould


Inspired by 18th-century Swedish manor houses, this Décor Mould® by Annie Sloan features intricate floral and geometric designs found on furniture and walls. With natural imperfections mirroring traditional hand-carved mouldings, these pieces evoke the elegance of Gustavian-era country homes.

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This exquisite Décor Mould® design draws inspiration from the intricate hand-carved wooden mouldings adorning traditional Swedish 18th-century manor houses. Crafted by Annie Sloan, an artist, colourist, and Chalk Paint inventor, it showcases a captivating array of floral and leaf motifs, circular rosettes, and bullseye roundels reminiscent of country house décor. These designs, with their natural imperfections, authentically replicate the charm of 18th-century wooden mouldings. Inspired by Annie’s journeys to Sweden, where she explored numerous country homes, these creations reflect the elegance of the Gustavian era. During this period, affluent families sought refuge in these countryside estates during summer, adorning them with French-inspired Rococo aesthetics, featuring delicate floral and bird patterns, soft pastel hues, and intricately carved wooden embellishments. Pairing seamlessly with other products from Annie Sloan’s Swedish Posy Collection for Redesign ensures a harmoniously coordinated aesthetic in your projects or spaces. Redesign’s Décor Moulds®, renowned for their durability, oven and food safety, and exceptional quality, facilitate a wide range of crafting materials, including resin, hot glue, and modeling material, enabling you to craft bespoke creations tailored to your DIY endeavors.


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