Secret Letter ll Small Transfer


A beautiful letter just waiting for an even more beautiful piece! This Secret Letter Decor Transfer is perfect for smaller pieces and detailed elements. Smaller footprint, huge impact! Our 6” x 12” Decor Transfers® offer the same high quality as our standard transfers with a smaller size perfect for detailed projects, smaller pieces and more! Simply peel, rub-on and transfer a beautifully detailed design to transform your next piece into a work of art.


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Immerse yourself in a realm of vintage sophistication with the “Secret Letter II Transfer.” This exquisite design reveals a captivating vintage script in subtle white, beckoning you into an era of timeless elegance and clandestine charm. The intricacies of the writing style add a touch of mystery to your space

Weight .15 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 13 × .25 in
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