Lavender Bliss 3D Decor Stencil


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Lavender Bliss 3D Decor Stencil

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The “Lavender Bliss” 3D Stencil is simply beautiful, especially if you’re fond of lavender-themed projects. This stencil will be a perfect addition to your floral-inspired creations, creating intricate lavender design on various surfaces. Consider pairing the Lavender Bliss 3D Stencil with other lavender products to create a cohesive and harmonious theme. Let your imagination bloom as you explore the wonderful world of lavender with this stencil! Pair with any of our high-quality mediums: Chalk Paste, Metallic Sheen Acrylic, Rust Paste, Jewel Effect Paste, 3D Gel, etc for beautifully textured results. Spread paste over stencil with our Spread Pals or new Scraper Tool for less mess and professional results.

Weight .35 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 9 × .05 in
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