Decor Transfer All The Flowers


Transform your projects with our floral Decor Transfer® from Redesign with Prima®. Easy to use, simply peel, apply, rub, and reveal a beautiful design. Perfect for furniture, walls, and more.

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Decor Transfer All The Flowers

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Bring vibrant, blooming beauty to your projects with our stunning floral Decor Transfer® from Redesign with Prima®. This versatile transfer is perfect for a wide range of creative applications, whether you use it in its entirety or cut it into smaller pieces for more detailed work. Designed for ease of use, simply peel off the protective backing, apply the transfer to your prepared surface, rub on the design with the included stick or our Transfer Tool, peel off the top sheet to reveal the transferred design, and burnish to remove any halos. Ideal for furniture, walls, and various décor items, this transfer provides a professional finish that transforms your projects. Available in multiple sizes, Redesign with Prima® offers the best selection of Decor Transfers® in the world, ensuring your creative visions come to life with elegance and style.

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Dimensions 13 × 2.5 × 2.5 in


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